Monday, January 23, 2012

Why I love Hendrix pt 3

And the epic series continues! ;) Hendrix is a small college tucked away in it's own little bubble. Even though I've only been going here for a little over a semester, I'm already in love.

Maybe I love it so much because of the amazing youth group I'm in, and the retreat we did at Branson. I was driving with my friend, and the second we saw this overlook our jaws dropped and we pulled over. Well, to be more exact, first I drove past it, then past the best place to turn around, had to whip into a steep, crumbling side road, throw the car in reverse and zoom out, as there was a hill and I couldn't see if anyone was coming, and the awkwardly cut over to the overlook.

Um, yeah. My questionable driving skills aside, the overlook was amazing-- it was one of those things that was so beautiful in person, yet so hard to catch on film.

Or maybe it's because of the crazy, late night Chinese runs my roomie and I have. Turns out, no Chinese restaurant is open at 9 o'clock Sunday night. Figures. Good thing Wal-mart is always open. :D

Or maybe it's because I was able to play in the orchestra here, where I got to lug this monster around. The piece called for two different clarinets, one in the key of B-flat, and one in the key of A. Yeah. I'm a music geek.

Or maybe it's the impulse late-night Walmart run my roomie and I have which result in Oreo ice cream and a dozen doughnuts...and then maybe some popcorn we popped in the room........yeah that was a fun night ;)

Or maybe it was how we decked out our dorm room for Christmas...

Or the little snow we got? Me and a couple friends ran out, squealing, looking for the shady patches where the snow had lasted.

Or is the thank-goodness-finals-are-actually-over poker night my youth group had?

Or maybe it's this amazingly trippy tunnel we have to go under a major road. Jackie and I stopped there once after a workout just to take a picture of its gorgeous color. It's lined with lights that change colors-- and there are things you wave your hand over, and it plays a pitch. There's a riddle-- one night this really drunk guy was stumbling about in the tunnel, and showed us what the solution to the riddle was, and made the whole tunnel flash and play this tune.

Or maybe it's the picture that inspired the whole thing? After I snapped a shot of this gorgeous sunset I thought about quickly posting it, just a glimpse of how beautiful Hendrix is and much I love being here. As you can see, it grew from one little picture and a caption to...this three part mini series. I'm lucky to love my home-away-from-home this much. There are so many reasons why I'm lucky; that could make up it's own mini series. ;) But for now, I'll just stick to why I love my hippie school. :)

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