Friday, January 6, 2012

Cute Custard

Sorry, couldn't resist the alliteration ;)

So I really was going to end my streak today. I just haven't taken any photos! I've been soaking up the last of my break, watching lots of tv and lounging. On a side note, I've found this new series to watch, even though it was cancelled after it's first season. Still, it's good ;) And I still have the entire last season of NCIS and Criminal Minds to catch up on-- I have some more watching to do. ;)

I almost wrote a blog post entitled 'How playing the legend of Zelda taught me about Physics'...but then I realized no one would read that. Though! I must throw this in; it reinforced the idea of red/blue wavelengths in regards to the motion towards/away of stars.

Moving on! ((Zelda is ammazziinngg)) Besides my brief consideration of writing a post about my own geekiness, I was at a loss of what to post. Until I walked into the kitchen. My mom, on a dessert spree of her own, had cooked a custard pie, by itself amazing, but not considerably photogenic. Until I saw the cutest little mini custard pies she had made as well.

To make things even better, my mother had left her cookbook open. Now, it's almost a rite of passage in my family. When you get married, you get a 1950s (ish) Betty Crocker cookbook. Ya know, the one where having grey hair and wrinkles was a symbol of the knowledge and wisdom attained over your years-- not some shameful natural process to be reversed at all costs. Ahem. Okay, moving on from the social critique....

I loved the old pages as a backdrop to the mini custard. On a side note, my white balance was too warm for the entire shoot-- I've really got to find a way to fix that. Besides just using Photoshop, of course.

It's odd-- this angle seems like the one that I would want to avoid. Straight down; it seems like an angle that would be far too commonplace. Strangely, though, I like it; I like the perspective it gives, also featuring the cookbook it's sitting on.

I could never decide how warm the picture should be to accurately represent my kitchen.

This one was my favorite angle of the bunch. I loved how it focuses on the cookbook, a subtle reference to the actual custard which is slightly out of focus. Also, the portrait view is a nice break from all the landscape view photos. And so the streak continues! :D for now....

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