Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cookies :)

So last night I was bemoaning the lack of sweets in our house when my mother reminded me there was nothing stopping me from baking some.

So I did. ;) There definitely are perks to being home; I'm not restricted to instant, just add water, mixes, I can actually make any types of cookies from scratch. So I opened a small cookbook tucked away in the corner of a closet, devoted entirely to cookies and desserts. Flipping through the pages, I stopped at an unassuming block of text, drawn in by the promising name frosted chocolate cookies (or something like that, to be honest the only part I really read was the chocolate).

First off, first problem. I was supposed to cream butter and brown sugar.

I beat it for a while, but it just turned into a pebbly type mixture. I just shrugged and went on to the next step. Always a good attitude to have about cooking-- eh, close enough. ;)

By the way, it is incredible difficult to both cook and take pictures of you cooking at the same time. It would be awesome to take pictures of someone else cooking. Eventually I had to set my camera aside after a little...incident of attempting to juggle both roles. Let's just say that it involved a copious amount of flour coating both the kitchen and my camera as I tried desperately to catch the falling, very open, container of baking soda.

And moving on...;)

After 'creaming' my ingredients I added more, such as milk, eggs, and vanilla. Just as a side note, there is a huge difference between vanilla and vanilla extract. The real thing smells amazing. :)

Then, I stuck a couple of squares of chocolate in the microwave to melt. Technically, as I found out later, the squares were about a year expired. *shrug* couldn't tell!

By now the mixture had a nice creamy texture to it.

I loosely chopped up some pecans from the freezer. They were from our backyard; picked in '05, yet still tasty. ;) I was rather envious of all the cooking shows I watch as I clumsily tried to both chop the pecans and keep all my fingers. The pecans kept sliding out of the way as I tried to wield the long shinny deadly looking what-you-use-if-an-ax-murder-breaks-into-your-house blade.

The now sponge-y like batter. And no, I didn't get a picture of that knife. I think my description does it justice-- aka, there is no way I'm multitasking with that blade in one hand.

They recipe was supposed to make 5 1/2 dozen cookies, and I was supposed to cut it in half. Opps...so what I did was scoop out generous size cookies.

Don't they look delicious??

While they were baking, and in between my frantic attempts to erase to amount of destruction I had unleashed upon the kitchen before my parents got home, I snapped some shots. Most turned out blurry-- the fate of many of my pictures that night. Because of the lighting, and my stubborn refusal to up the ISO above 800, most of my pictures required a 1/15-1/25 shutter speed. I once read some rule about how long a shutter speed can be with regards to focal length but at the time I had no clue what focal length even meant so I kind of just ignored it. Now I know what focal length is, but not the rule. Anyway! With the long shutter speed, and my attempts at multitasking and holding the camera precariously in one hand, a lot of my pictures ended up too blurry to post.

Eh, voila! Here is the final result. Now, also the recipe called for making a little frosting-- more like a glaze-- for the cookies. Oy, long story short, I tried to cream cold butter, here's a side note: it doesn't work; and then just stuck the whole bowl in the oven to warm to butter, and then tried to cream the now almost cooked butter, and make some sort of frosting. As it turned out, the cookies were amazing on their own, and the frosting contained pebbles of powdered sugar.

Eh, c'est la vie :)

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