Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why I Love Hendrix pt 2

So I was totally planning on posting this yesterday but it was Friday, and Friday's are always busy. It's sad how much it hurts to write this-- like actually hurts. Quidditch practice killed my finger tips.

Umm...anyway! Continuing the love fest of Hendrix...

Maybe Hendrix is so awesome because of 1)awesome friends 2)who do awesome things like go ice skating. ;)

Or maybe it's because of the awesome church family I've made, who held a party at a pumpkin patch where this cute guy was ;)

Or maybe it's the fact that I joined the Quidditch team and then went to NYC to play in the amazing World Cup. :D

We flew to New York City for the weekend. We were up around six every morning and didn't get to bed till around midnight every night. It was an exhausting, but fun.

Also, it was sub-zero temperatures. That part might have been just a little miserable. ;)

Maybe I love Hendrix so much because of 1)the amazing friends 2)the way they talked me into dying my hair red on a whim

Or maybe it's because the opportunities I've had here, like to be apart of a chamber group. Two clarinets and a bassoon ;)

Or maybe it's because the only legit snowfall I've seen this winter was at Hendrix. The flakes were huge, softly falling to the ground. It wasn't anything more than a dusting, but it was still beautiful to watch.

Or maybe it's the amazing cafeteria/cafeteria staff, who decked out the dinning hall for Christmas.

So I really should do the physics homework I keep procrastinating about...or just keep watching Friends...

Decisions, decisions.....;)

Stay tuned for part 3!

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