Friday, January 13, 2012

A Purse

My project, all of Christmas break, was to make a purse. Unsurprisingly, only a few days are left in Christmas break so I finally got around to making it. Purses are the only thing that I feel slightly competent making. It was perhaps a year ago when, stuck at home due to an extended snow break, I got bored, and then inspired. After all, how hard could it be to sew a purse? It's just a bag. So, I gathered all the scraps from my mother's sewing kit and set about to make a purse. No pattern or anything. And, against all odds, it's actually turned out and I've been using that purse ever since. Now, it's a little-- okay gaping holes-- worn out, so I found some cute fabric from the Walmart clearance section.

I used my old purse as a model to cut the new fabric.

I've never been one to cut straight lines, but it hasn't stopped me yet ;)

The purse is basically two bags-- one is the purse and the other is the front cover.

This is the fabric for the main bag.

This is the fabric for the cover flap.

First I made a bag of the blue, and then use that to cut out the fabric for the front flap. Haha wow, I suck at writing this out. I'm more used to talking about cooking, or taking pictures of flowers. ;)

Anyway, after making the two 'bags' I sewed the flap onto the blue bag, so it flips a flap..flips.

Yeah I'm just gonna show pictures now....((I also cut a thin strip of fabric and sewed it to be a strap))

Fun, custom made purse : $4.50
Gratitude at you, the reader, suffering through my writing : Priceless.

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