Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fairest of All

Last weekend, I went to the local fair with a couple of friends.

I'm not the biggest fan of fairs-- I get motion sickness just looking at the rides, but it was fun to see all the animals. Years ago, during my brief stint in 4-H, I learned how to judge bulls. Now that that's over, I just think all cows are adorable.

I don't know how my life will turn out, or where I'll live but one thing I know-- I want to have a cow. An adorable, milking cow. ;)

My friend and the terrified cow. ;) It was pretty warm in the animal building; the poor animals all look hot.

Look at that face. How adorable is that??

Haha I took this picture because the calf reminded me of Bambi. Even if I haven't seen the movie (who knew Bambi was a boy?? Not me)) I loved the coloring of this calf. Funny story, I was once camping with a friend and his family. I got out of the camper one morning, and spotted a baby deer in the woods. Which caused me to promptly start yelling 'ohhmmiigooshhh it's bambi!!' and squealing over and over like some fan girl.

Yeah, they still haven't let me live that down.

Bunny rabbits! Aka, adorable balls of furriness. The poor things were panting in the heat, but were still cute and soft.


We headed to the goats next. ;) I just love farm animals, though that's probably because I'm such a city girl that they are still novelties to me. My equine class this summer helped to dispel some romantic horse riding ideas I had been holding onto. Suffice to say, trotting through the fields is much more painful than one might imagine. And horses are pretty ornery. Adorable, but still.

Fair buddies! Out of focus fair buddies, I should say. I don't know what happened to my camera. However, I stumbled upon some vintage actions I have in Photoshop-- I used them on the goat photo, this one and the next one. I kind of like the results. :)
One of the many sickening rides. Serious. I used to have a stomach of steel-- I would ride nauseating rides over and over as a kid. Now? I can't even look at them without feeling queasy.

In other news, I just bought Mumford and Son's new album, Babel! Amazing epic album of awesomeness is the first description that pops into my mind.

Anyway! Even though Tuesday technically is my day off, I must go and practice piano, go to my lesson, Walmart, diffy-q homework, physics homework, youth group, and finish my french homework.


Thanks for reading!

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