Monday, May 7, 2012

Almost Summer

So close!

I have just one more final standing between me and summer break.

Of course, it would also happen to be my hardest final. Calculus II.

I'm writing this post from my phone since it is currently refusing to sync my photos with my actual computer...oh welllll. This is all just an extended break from studying for cal. D: I can't wait to get that final over with.

I have already conquered the French Physics and Film finals. So close! So close to summer, to sleep, to freedom, to having time to devote to photography, to seeing family, to seeing friends!, to hanging out with said friends...

Since my brain in is the process of being killed my finals, I thought it might be clearer to post pictures of my life. ;) and I will attempt to do some trickery to put the pictures in the middle of text.

I've been studying almost nonstop for a week and a two days now. Needless to say my bran is protesting this by preventing me from doing things like knowing what day it is or simple math.

Avengers! Most epic movie ever. Well, not ever, but hey, it was pretty awesome. I mean, how can it not be, considering it's this amalgamation of amazing superheros, all sharing the same screen??

This is the beautiful scarf my lovely roommate bought for me :D She got it at our local fair, Toad Suck.

I spent way too long at dinner last night, procrastinating from studying for my French final. ;) Thus of art.
Next time I write, I will be done with my freshmen year of college!!

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