Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Time

Home sweet home!

After approximately twenty hours in a car, I am finally back home :) Granted, long car rides have a habit of helping me be productive. On the way to Iowa, I wrote out some blog posts. On the way back home, I messed with one of Einstein's theory of special relativity equation, manipulating it trying to affirm that nothing with mass can travel the speed of light. I've been told this fact before, but really wanted to mathematically prove it. ((no one will probably notice but I am missing a square root sign, something that I added after I took the picture. The result still stands))

Granted, my result is 'indeterminate' which in Calculus means try something else. However, I'm living in the blissful ignorance that my little scribblings actually gave me a result.

I could go on for pages about special relativity, faster than light travel, quantum mechanics, and everything else but! I'll spare you guys.

This is an adorable wild bunny rabbit my cousin has half-way tamed. My cousin puts out food for her, and she shows up at least once a day. She even brought her baby this time-- I didn't get a picture but rest assured he was ball of fluffy adorableness.

While in Iowa, I went to a zoo with my cousin and her boyfriend. It was around noon-- aka the worst time of the day to take photos. There were areas of intense brightness and dark shade. It was almost impossible to try and account for both-- most of my pictures came out with harsh areas of light and darkness. A couple of them, turned out decent.

There was this little petting zoo, full of sheep, goats, and a stubborn lama which turned its back on us and refused to turn around.

While I love zoos, sometimes they can be depressing. There was this little fox guy, in an indoor cage. The walls were painted in a mock-Arizona desert feel, as if to mask the fact that he'll never see the sun again. There were no windows; no outdoor part of his cage. He was stuck inside and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Other animals-- especially at larger zoos-- have much better surroundings; cages that don't even resemble cages at all. It's not like I'm against zoos-- just the smaller ones that don't have the money to adequately support the animals.

On the way home, we stopped at a huge military cemetery-- it was started shortly after the civil war. The gassy hills offered an unique perspective of the graves.

I still can't believe that it's summer vacation-- I keep expecting to go back to Hendrix in like a week. Speaking of in a week, in a week I'll be in Colorado! least I'll be on the way to Colorado!! I'm going there next Wednesday with my youth group. We'll be fixing up a Lutheran summer camp, and doing a community pancake breakfast-- I'm excited :D

I don't say this enough but, to whoever might be reading, thanks for stopping by! :)

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