Tuesday, May 8, 2012

C'est Fini!

It's over! And finished! And done with!

My entire freshmen year of college...over. Just like that.

How can that even be possible? I swear, I arrived at Hendrix, a fresh faced kid worried about the future, like last month. Or maybe two.

But not ten. Two semesters...sure doesn't feel like it. How can one year of college already be done? I feel like my life is just flinging itself through time, and I'm standing at the side, watching it fly past, reaching out, desperately trying to grab on.

I only get four years, you know. Of college. Granted, I'll be going on to grad school after that, but still the whole college, undergraduate experience. I only get four years. And one is already gone.

Look at me. First day on campus ;) There was no worried underlining my smile; it was carefree. My two best friends in the world were there to help me move into college-- who could ask for anything more?

Last day of classes as a freshman. Things have changed. I dyed my hair red, and then the red faded, my red streak turned blonde, I cut off a large part of my hair.

More than that, though. I've become more independent. I'm still a wimp in some areas, too shy for more own good. In others, however, I have grown, branched out, made some amazing friends that I hope to call my friends for many years to come.

I've learned new subjects, met new people. I got stuck in a field in the middle of a ghetto in Little Rock at one in the morning. I went ice skating. I went horseback riding. I met a half-drunk cowboy in the middle of a pumpkin patch. I've been to IHOP in the wee hours of the morning more times than I can count. I got addicted to Dr. Who. I auditioned for a music scholarship; and got it. I woke up to a half-naked guy who I had never seen before. Except not in that way. In a drunken mistake way. But not like that! Like his drunken mistake, wrong tent mishap, sort of night. You know.

So many things have happened this year....I've made so many amazing friends. Some of whom might be reading this. (Shellie! Though maybe not since now you have nothing to procrastinate from;) It's reached that bittersweet moment of the year. On the one hand there is elation since all my finals are over with. On the other hand, I have to say goodbye to a lot of people that I don't want to say goodbye to.

To celebrate what for some is our last night together, we went to our favorite Chinese joint, Jade China. Cheap, possibly tax-evading illegal, slightly unhygienic, utterly amazing food.

As sad as I am for everyone to be leaving, to be spreading out over this continent, I can't help but be excited for summer. Next week I'll be in Iowa visiting relatives. The week after that I'll be in Colorado for a mission trip! :D Even though things are changing, I can't help but be excited about the future :)

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