Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yup, it's that time of the year again.

Finals, aka my-life-is-over-I-am-going-to-fail-and-drop-out-of-college-and-never-become-anything.

So yeah, a wee bit stressful I might say. 

So since I am trying to relearn an entire semester's worth of information in less than a week, I won't have much time for blogging. Please excuse any lapse in posting and chalk it up to physics, calculus, french, and film.


Anyway, enough bemoaning by life choice of studying Physics and on to the last school sponsored party of the year, toga party!

 None of us owned anything that looked remotely like a toga, so the day before the party we went out of Hobby Lobby and just bought some fabric, hoping that through some bit of magic it would turn into a toga.

That magic is called Michelle, a friend with an eye for fashion. She turned the yards of fabric into a beautiful fashionable toga using only scissors and safety pins.

My attempt at self-portrait. Our mirror is dirtyyyyyy; I realized this after continually trying to shoot in the reflection. 

 It was insanely dark in the room/hallway. I had to up my ISO, and it's definitely noticeable. Well, to me at least.

 Finished product! Like I said, amazing, fashionable toga made with no patterns, just an idea.

On top of making our togas, Michelle as did our hair and makeup. ;) We were pretty spiffy looking when we went to the party.

I always have awful timing at parties. When we first arrived there was like five people dancing. We quickly left, watched an episode of Dr. Who, and went back to a brick pit full of people ;) And then, like the end to every other party night, we all went to IHOP at two in the morning.

And now...on to finals......

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