Thursday, April 26, 2012

Of Chickens and Fountains

It's been kind of a crazy week. I finished my eight page paper, went to talk to my teacher, found out she hated it, had to rewrite everything in two days while also doing a physics take home test. Not to mention a french presentation, piano practice for my upcoming audition, and band practice.

See? So crazy I'm pretty sure those aren't coherent sentences to anyone but me.
Me with a chicken :D I'm a city girl who grew up wanting to be a farm girl. Some friends and I were walking across campus to get to a crayfish boil (more on that later) when we came across an activity fair for the prospies. It was so cool to see all the clubs we have here; some of which I didn't even know existed.

 I had heard about the chicken club, but that was about it. So when my friend and I spotted the adorable chickens we squealed and ran over to the Jerry-rigged cage which consisted of a couple of dinning room chairs and chicken wire. Luckily the people who were manning the station knew us so they just laughed as we climbed over the chicken wire and showed us how to pick up the chicken.

 Adorable, right???

 My other friend was rather excited, not about the chickens, but about crayfish boil so he drug us away from the cute chickens and towards the crayfish boil....which turned out to be in the backyard of the apartment complex. Granted, this may be an exaggeration, but the second we timidly walked through the fence into the backyard the music dropped and everyone turned to look at us. It felt like they kept watching us as we made our way over to the food. So, in all reality, probably one person looked, but it sure felt like everyone stopped what they were doing, wondering how these freshmen wandered over here. My friend was oblivious to this whole movie moment, grabbed a plate and loaded as many crayfish as he could. They were tasty, it just took way too long to get to the small amount of meat.
A couple of days ago, it was my friend's birthday. Per custom, we ran around campus at midnight, trying to catch her and throw her into the fountain. We finally grabbed her, not without much difficulty, and dragged her across campus to the fountain to toss her into the somewhat chilly water.
While at the fountain we realized that two people who were helping through her in had not been thrown in yet. You see, the rules are as follows.
 You can get thrown in on:
 a)your birthday
 b)your half-birthday
c)any random time that seems appropriate

 Both Lee and Blair's birthday/half-birthday had fallen conveniently on some break, we realized that now was the perfect time to throw them in.
They might tend to disagree. But at Hendrix, that's just how we roll. ;)

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