Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Life has been rather hectic as of late. It's the final dash towards the finish line and the teachers seem to make a sport of how much homework they can drag us down with.

Still, I have managed to struggle on regardless. I'll know how well I managed in a while, when all my tests are graded, and assignments returned. Perhaps I'll scrap by.

I pretty much refuse to believe that the semester is almost over. I feel like we just arrived here like, last week. For the first time I'm not really looking forward to summer. I won't get to see all my college friends and I'll have to get a job. =| But! I plan on taking a really cool summer class on horses so I guess it'll work out.

Anyway, since I'm existing in a state of denial and think that I'll never leave Hendrix, I'll continue on. ;)

Today was another themed lunch, 'Rock and Roll'. The cafeteria was decked out, and they had hired a live band! The band was a couple of old guys playing old songs. It was amazing; even though it made any conversation impossible, everybody was just swaying along with the music. Then, one of the cafe ladies started to dance with a guy (who, in my romantic mind was her beloved husband. could've just been some random dude but I choose to think not) in the middle of the cafe.

It felt like a glimpse into the past, where the music that was playing was hot off the records, and swing was the hippest dance. The next song the other cafe ladies, and some kids joined her, dancing and swaying to the music. We were all clapping along to 'Just take those old records off the shelf' which probably isn't the title because that's super long but anyway! It was amazing :) We were all singing along to the parts we remembered, cheering on the cafe ladies.

Ever have one of those days where you carefully file away the memory, and think 'that's a story I want to tell my kids'? Yeah, it was one of those days ;) It may not sound like much, it may not be groundbreaking amazing, but it's something I want to remember.

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