Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My life in photos

By some fluke of the universe, or technically glitch, I suddenly have gained more followers. Which then makes me feel delinquent when I don't post regularly.

So here I am! Writing a post in an attempt to keep sane. Tuesdays are always my hectic why-am-I-a-physics-major-I-hate-my-life day. Good thing I just have one ;) Um anyway, I'm writing this from my phone inches away from my computer which now that I think of it doesn't make a tremendous amount of sense but I shall continue regardless.

I could wax and wane about my life problems and work load but would probably lose every one of my new followers who for all I know could be biochemical double majors with far more work than I. Rather I thought I would post a couple photos that summed up my hectic life these past couple of days. I have a monster Cal II test coming up, and a film paper that needs to be written. Not to mention applying for summer jobs, applying for summer classes, and practicing for my piano auditions. Oh yeah and apparently finals are coming up soon.

Since I'm posting from my phone I can't put the pictures in the text but rather just a list at the end. So! The ticket is the fruits of our efforts, a Ms Hendrix. It only took one cold night and having to deal with drunk guys to get it.

Hope you guys' week is less stressful than mine! (even you crazy ambitious double biochem majors :P)

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