Saturday, April 7, 2012

Following the Light

Yesterday I packed up my stuff and headed home for the Easter weekend. As much as I love my church in Conway, I really wanted to celebrate Easter with my family and my home church.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed my camera and started to wander the yard. The sun was not yet setting, so there was no 'magic hour' to be seen. However, that didn't mean there wasn't any good light.

Sometimes I feel like that's all I do; follow the light. Search until I find the perfect sunlight draped around my subject like the finest of fabrics on the most perfect of models.

Some new flowers had bloomed since I was home last; everything has seamlessly shifted from spring to summer with barely a hint at the transition.

The one possible downfall of being a photographer is that every time I see something beautiful, or the perfect setting, or the prettiest light, I want to stop whatever I'm doing and take a picture. Not a very good urge when you're going 75 mph down the highway and all you really want to do is pullover, hop over the fence, and capture the beautiful fields that shimmer with gold in the setting sun.

I've come very close to just pulling over and hoping the fence isn't barbed wire. Very close. Perhaps I should just do that sometime; there are some beautiful fields just outside of Conway.

Beautiful light exists everywhere; it's just a question of if you can see it or not.

I love being able to capture the beauty I see. For years I have just admired it. Now, whenever something catches my eye, I want to pull out whatever camera I happen to have on me at the moment, and take a picture. Capture the fleeting beauty.

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