Monday, April 2, 2012

Modeling Gig

I, your very own perfectly normal and non-photogenic, Anna have my first modeling gig!

Okay so technically I'm just sitting out by the tree so my friend can draw me.

So, totally legit. I'm writing this as I try not to melt in the sunlight. That's one thing I love about Hendrix. Not the oppressive sunshine, but that people just hang out outside, sitting underneath trees, sunbathing on the grass. It isn't called 'veasey beach' for nothing you know.

So last night two of my friends started a prank war. It's pretty legit; I'm game commissioner. Sort of like slap-bet commissioner from How I Meet Your Mother but without the slaps ;) just pure pranks. At the end of the week, the loser gets thrown into the fountain. :D I'm pretty excited to see how it all turns out.

So since I'm posting this lovely post from my phone I can't put pictures in the post, but rather just a long list. So you'll just have imagine the captions :P

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