Friday, March 30, 2012

On Rock Walls and Balloons

Sometimes I hate coming up with a title. Nothing I think of seems good enough, nothing encompasses what I really want to say.

Anyway, it's Friday! The week has seriously blown by. Today started off great; turned in physics homework and got an email that said my french class was cancelled. Then, five min before I left for my cal II class, I realized that I had homework due in cal, homework I hadn't even started.

D: Cue stomach-sinking-what-am-i-doing-with-my-life-i-am-going-to-fail feeling. What, overreaction? Nahh.

I really want a good grade in the class, and after looking at the syllabus I realized that I could do the homework after lunch and then turn it in for only a 10% reduction.

So that's what I did; ran from class to lunch, rushed through lunch, then with only a slight amount of frantic worry I threw myself at the homework, and finished it. I could barely restrain myself from running all the way to his office, on the third floor, to turn it in.

*whew* It's an odd feeling, when all the stress is gone. It's Friday, but that hasn't fully caught on to my stressed out brain.

Anyway, Wednesday was 'outback' lunch. It was amazinggggg, as themed lunches always are. There was chicken covered in cheese and bacon, coconut shrimp, delicious Australian deserts and more ;) After stuffing myself with as much food as I could possible eat, my friends and I walked out of the caf to get our books. Just then, one of the beloved caf workers, who knows everyone's name spotted me.

'Anna!' she called out. 'Do you want any balloons?'

In her hand was a bundle of perhaps twenty balloons. I couldn't say no, so with some difficulty and stares, I tried to manhandle twenty balloons down the stairs and out the door.

I felt like I was pregnant; I took up some much space with my balloons. I took up almost the whole stairwell.

Yesterday, like usual, some friends and I went rock climbing. :) It has become a Thursday tradition, and it's lots of fun. It took me a couple of weeks before I made it to the top. Once I made it to the top of one, however, nothing was impossible. I've made it to the top of all the ones we have tried, though we are all scared of the crazy routes so we haven't even looked at those :P

I was sitting on the ground, cheering my friend who was climbing on, when I decided to snap pictures of the belay-ers. If that's a word. Which it's not. Totally should be. The person who belays-- a belayer.

Um, anywayyyy, I edited this one with two separate iPhone apps. The first was Camera+, an amazing editing app. I had to expose for the bright windows behind my friend, so the picture was really dark. Camera+ was able to lighten all the dark areas drastically. Then, I put it in Instagram, and was able to blur the picture and add a black and white picture.

It won't win any awards, but I like the pictures :) Just small snapshots of my life, I guess

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