Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm aliveee!

Surprise! It has been forever and a day since I last posted. At least, that's what it feels like. It's kind of like reverse last semester; I feel like I wrote that post a month ago, not just a little over a week.

That being said, the semester is really flying by with a startling speed. Where is my life going? I'm almost done with my first yearrrr of college! Granted, I still have a bit to go, but still. It's all going by so fast.

Anyway, yesterday, as any of you who are geeks like me may know, was Pi day. 3.14 ( anyway...) :D Our caf, amazing as always, celebrated pi day by baking enough pies to send us all into food induced comas.

Seriously, look that ice cream Oreo pie of epic-ness. I could've eaten ten slices. And then some. It was so amazingggg.

As on almost all themed days, there were balloons everywhere. One of the caf ladies gave a huge handful of balloons to one of the girls, as the main lunch was over. The girl then went over to our table. 'I saw you guys looking at them,' she said with a laughing, throwing the balloon strings at us. 'Here you can have them'.

So I eagerly grabbed the entire handful of balloons. Then I realized that I had to go see my professor after lunch, so I passed off the balloons to a friend. Until I spotted the biggest balloon, and grabbed that one.

Let me just say that walking to my professor's office with that monstrosity of a balloon was interesting to say the least. I felt nine months pregnant; it was hard to fit it through doorways. I took up the entire stairwell.

Still, it was worth it. My professor just laughed when she saw it. Now the balloon resides in my dorm room, lazing floating about, pushing at the ceiling.

It was my intention to snap some pictures of it last night; I tried just taking a traditional picture but didn't like the results. Then, on an impulse, I lowered the camera and shot up at the balloon.

I rather liked the results ;) It's an unusual angle, one offered to me because I had to ceiling to keep the balloon from it's relentless march to the sky.

In other news I'm going to take my camera, providing it's not pouring, and take some pictures of everything in bloom before my piano lesson this afternoon. With any luck I'll be able to post some of the beautiful flowers/trees/everything that has just recently burst to life on campus. :)

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