Sunday, March 18, 2012

Road Trips

...or How I Ended Up Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere, MO.

So I put something to that effect on facebook as my status. Facebook, being the tricky creature it is, automatically tagged exactly where I was. I'm not even allowed to exaggerate anymore on facebook. o.o

Okay, so maybe I'm not the in the midddlee of nowhereee, MO, but it kind of feels like it. Though we are really close to St. Louis so that's a plus.

Anyway! We aren't supposed to be here, in an air-continued hotel with free food and drinks at happy hour in the middle of nowhere, MO. We are supposed to be in Iowa, actually. Visiting relatives.

So, why, you ask, am I in Missouri? Well, it's kind of a long story...

Okay, not really. Our car started to leak funny looking stuff so we checked it out and realized that our radiator fluid was leaking out. Since the radiator fluid is what helps the engine from overheating, this was kind of a big deal. Since it's Sunday, the only place open is Walmart, and that's not of much use. We poured more radiator fluid into the...thing, along with someone other...stuff that actually was supposed to go into another...thing. Long story short, something in our car is broken. Since we have like another four hours to go in our trip, the car cannot be safely driven.

Which brings us to the present. A hotel room. With free popcorn and soda AND an awesome happy hour that is basically a free dinner.

So, can't complain ;)

Anyway, we packed our lunch, and expected to stop at a rest area to eat. However, lunch time rolled around and there wasn't a rest area in sight. So, we pulled over in a small town, searching for the tourist information center where we hoped to find a picnic table. No such luck buttt we spotted a picnic table outside of the courthouse so we just ate there.

The courthouse was rather old. There was a sign that said 'This is a Fallout Center' posted on it. Should've taken a picture of that come to think of it. My little photo shoot was on a whim; my mom asked me to take a picture of the old building so I grabbed my camera. And then climbed over some chains to get a picture of that column. ;) All for the shot!

The courthouse is so old that the U's are actually V's. ;)

I'm still sorting through all my yard pictures :)

I'm getting better at taking self-portraits. Sometimes the light is too beautiful not to take a portrait, though most of the time I'm just surrounded by flowers. ;)

Anyway, I should really take advantage of the unexpected stay in MO and start on my film paper...oh the work never ends. ;)

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