Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On Pretty Kitties and Pretty Skies

And the blogging streak continues! Just kidding! I just realized I was too busy to post yesterday....opps. Oh well, close enough ;)

My grandmother has two beautiful kitties and recently mentioned that she didn't have any pictures of them. To which I pulled out my camera and set to remedy it.

This is Maria :) She acts as dainty and beautiful as she looks. It took years before I even knew what she really looked like. Every time we would visit she would run and hide underneath a bed for the entirety of our visit.

Look how far she has come ;)

After dinner we took a walk around the neighborhood just as the sun was setting.

This picture was intended to just be a quick check to see how the light looked, and what the angle was. My intention was to hide the sun behind one of the signs. However, I liked this picture out of the series the best ;)

A couple houses were already festive and decorated for Easter. This shot involved me dashing up to the yard, glancing around for the neighbors, finding no sign of them, then yanking my camera up and taking a quick shot.

I haven't perfected the art of taking photos of other people's plants/yards yet. Just give it time ;)

Just another lazy day of Spring Break :) I have to post this now because my computer is about two minutes away from dying....so bye!

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