Saturday, March 24, 2012

Early Morning

This morning I woke up at 8:30. No alarms, just naturally woke up then, feeling totally rested. Why can't this happen at college??

Anyway, I glanced outside, and was blown away by the crisp, morning light. I grabbed my camera and headed outside. Since I was out of town for the majority of Spring Break, there was still plants/trees/ect that I hadn't photographed in my yard. Now, when everything was dappled with this beautiful morning light, was the perfect time.

I mean, look at that sky! It's just so beautiful. Granted, I was probably shooting a little after the 'magic' hour, but still, it was pretty magical.

This little guy I stumbled upon right out the door. The light was striking just the bloom, while everything else was in the shadow. I would have preferred that the background not be so dark, but hey, I worked with what was there.

This is a broccoli plant ;) I love this angle; right on the ground near the stem offers a unique perspective. (an unique perspective? who knows; that's why I'm a Physics major..;)

This is me experimenting with a larger aperture number (small aperture, not that that's confusing or anything..). What this means is that there is a deeper depth of field; the background is more in focus. Oddly enough I'm starting to try and achieve that recently. When I first got my SLR I was so enamored with the shallow depth of field that was allll I shot in. Now, I'm trying to break out and try something new ;)

Such beautiful light! While I never like restricting my shooting time to a specific, short slot when the light is 'perfect', I have to admit that the light is beautiful during the magic hour. You just have to be up early enough to see it ;)

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