Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yet another reason why I love Photoshop

Alternative title : That time when I almost ruined all my photos and was rescued from the depths of despair by the magic of Photoshop.

But that seemed a bit much. The incident occurred when I was taking photos for my 'spring' post. You see, it was a lazy afternoon and I just pulled my baby out of her case and started to snap away. I didn't look at the results much, because I had a good idea what they looked like.

That is, until I caught a glimpse of one of them.

The cool tones in this picture send a shiver through me; it has this almost deathly blue pallor. The actual scene was warm, full of sunlight and hope. Not this dismal death. I had forgotten to check my white balance. It was set to auto or something equally awful. It should have been set on 'daylight' or even 'shade' if I was really feeling the warmth.

But it wasn't. That's when I raced to Photoshop. I used the RAW editor, even though I had shot in JPEG, simply because it works really well when all you want to edit is the coloring/warmth/saturation/ect.

Et, volia!

That's more like it. Warm, nice, spring-y.

It was only when I was about half through my photos that I realized my mistake and changed the white balance. Which meant that about half of my photos had to be rescued through the magic of Photoshop.




In other news, here are some pictures of us dolled up to go to a party on Saturday.

Cause apparently that's all we do ;) What you don't see in the above picture is just how precarious that whole scene was; I was a couple seconds away from dropping her. I need to rock climb more! Build up those muscles.

The party itself sadly sucked, but they had free virgin margaritas so that part was pretty awesome.

Anyway, back to real life of eating a breakfast bought out of a vending machine because every morsel of food in my dorm room has been stolen. =| The only complaint I ever have at Hendrix, things get stolen out of my dorm room at an unsettling rate.

Oh wellll, the good far outweighs the bad ;)

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