Friday, March 16, 2012

Why Hendrix is Beautiful

So on Thursday, I went out to take some pictures of the beautiful spring day.

There were some beautiful tree/bush/things that grow blossoms in bloom outside of our music building. (sometimes my eloquence surprises me; I do appreciate spelling check and the fact that you are suffering through this)

The lighting was iffy; the sun kept getting covered by clouds. It was really surprising how drastic the difference once, from such warmth to coolness. So for about half the time I was shooting I was just sitting there, waiting for the sun to come back out and play.

Sorry. It's been a long day. I had the cal test from hell in the afternoon, but right afterwards I left campus to go home for spring break :D So kind of a bipolar day. Still. I'm home :D It's spring break :D

It's odd, I love taking pictures, but editing them always takes time. I like to take pictures and shove it in a folder and then go take more new shiny pictures. It's kind of a bad habit.

When I got home, I took my camera and took over a hundred photos of my yard. The sun was just setting, which sounds like the magic hour. Things, however, don't always work out. The warm light was blocked by trees and houses, filtering down to grace only a few flowers with warm light. Still, I got a lottt of pictures; even more to filter through and edit. ;)

Annndd that's all for now. Let spring break begin :D

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