Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Hike Through the Woods

Today, we went for a drive, buzzing through my father's old hometown. Before we made it there, however, we stopped by the church where my aunt was married. It was just a small little white church nestled amongst the woods.

It was actually part of this historic preservation site.

As we started to meander our way through the site, I caught a glimpse of an animal rustling through the bushes. It was large, and I assumed it was some sort of dog. That is, until it, and it's friends stepped into the clearing.

It was a deer! Rather, it was a herd of deer. Four of them were just picking their way through the forest, nibbling at the grass.

They viewed us placidly, chewing on their leaves. I was able to get this close, but when I tried to get closer they just turned and disappeared into the forest.

We picked our way through the thin paths, stumbling upon historic buildings, such as a schoolhouse, or a general store.

Overall, it was a very interesting detour, considering it wasn't even part of our plans.

I have like a hundred more picture of this site, which I'll put on facebook/post later.

So as I write this blog post, my grandmother and my mother are on my grandmother's dating site, picking their way through the men. :P It's quite a funny scene.
"He doesn't look blond! He looks gray..."
"Does he even like women?"
"*groans of horror* the liver spots!!!"
(to me) "this is taking forever to load; are you using up all my internet??!"
(me, uploading ten pictures at once) " nooo."

Um, anyway!

Is it odd that I like old cemeteries? I like looking at all the weathered headstones, wondering what their life had been like. What stories they have to tell.

Most discernible stories are sad ones. A mother who outlived her son and her husband. A child who lived to be ten.

Still, I know there are happy stories there. They're just harder to hear.

There actually is a normal reason for us stopping in this cemetery, by the way. According to the sign at the road, it is Ronald Reagon's ancestral cemetery. And, after hiking up a small hill, we saw the plots of his great-grandparent's grave.

Next, we continued our scenic drive, stopping in a small, old town.

Did I mention how much I love reflections? Quite a lot I should say ;)

The town was small, but had history, so it was cool.

Anyway, that's all for now! I'm going to go meet with the cousins/family that I get to see about once a year to have dinner :)

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