Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Perfect Spring Evening

On Monday, my friends and I were sitting in the caf, eating lunch. We were marveling at how beautiful it was outside. Coming back after Spring Break it was as though the campus had suddenly decided to embrace this idea of early summer. All the trees were laden with huge, green leaves that cast shadow over the ground. The flowers had all suddenly bloomed, the campus painted with all the different colors of life.

Sitting there I suddenly thought of the perfect way to enjoy the weather.

'It would be amazing to go to that lake outside of town' I said, thinking of the lake we had driven by once.

To my surprise everyone else enthusiastically agreed.

'We should go,' I said, the idea still existing as a dream only. From that, a plan was born. We couldn't go then, people had class. Instead, we decided to go there after band, and have a little picnic.

It was a beautiful evening, the setting sun, the warm wind, the blue water.

The light made for amazing portraits. My poor friends; I made them all get in the perfect light for a portrait.

The light was fading rather quickly; it was like a game, follow the light. When the trees obscured the light of the fading sun I drug some of my friends out to this little peninsula where the light still fell.

We had bought some supplies for sandwiches and had that for dinner by the lake.

It was very picturesque, to say the least.

So I think my friends were tired of being the models ;) one of my friends grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of me. I found out that I would prefer to be behind the camera.

The images tend to speak for themselves ;)

Over all, it was an amazing evening, and the perfect way to enjoy a spring evening :)

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