Friday, July 27, 2012

Into the Woods

Sometimes I write a post not because I have something to say, but because I feel like I should post. Yesterday was a day like that. I've tried to post every other day to follow some sort of schedule. However, then I end up with posts like yesterday's when I feel like I didn't really have much to say. And the last thing I want to do is waste your time, my dear reader. So I wanted to post today because I actually had a reason, some pictures that I'm kind of proud of ;)

 The reason why I decided to post today started with a little seedling. It stormed last night-- a huge, loud, power-going-out storm. And it kind of sprinkled. You know. Crazy Arkansas, we have a storm but no rain.

This morning I was looking outside at the barely damp yard. There was a little seedling by the window, braving pushing up through the dark mulch. The contrast of the bright green and the almost black mulch caught my eye.

At first I tried a basic, straight down shot. I really wanted to emphasize how the seedling was a burst of color in the scene.
Next I moved the camera down so it was almost on the same level as the seedling. I like how it gives dimension to the little sprout.

I loved this angle because the seedling suddenly looked like a tree, you could really see the height of plant.

Next I started to experiment with staging bright leaves on the dark canvas of mulch. I like how it turned out! When I had staged all the leaves I could. I looked around for a new subject to shoot. Then I realized I was wearing my new favorite necklace-- one that I had been planning on photographing sometime. 

Here it is! This beauty was five bucks at Heifer International-- it was fair trade. It's always so nice to buy something knowing that the person who made it was paid fairly.

Fly away!
I have found a new love of staging things. I took like fifty photos of this necklace, trying to find just the perfect background. 

I kept mixing and matching, trying to find the best way to show off the necklace. 

This was my favorite. Or at least one of them. ;) I love the little fern like leaves, and how they compliment the metal bird. I just love it! 

I used the metal railing to stage over subjects as well. ;) I loved the bronze color of this leaf, and how that was brought out by the dark grey. 

Wow, I do believe this is the most photos I've ever had in one blog post! I'm just so proud of them, though. And I have like fifty more I want to post but I don't know if I can stand waiting for them to load-- it takes foreevverr to upload my photos. 

Stayed tuned for part two of my backyard adventure! It involves feathers and reflections! 

Yeah, be excited. 


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