Thursday, July 26, 2012


Recently, instead of crafting, I have been spending my time volunteering. I volunteered at my local Humane Society yesterday.

I asked them what needed to be done, and they put me in the cat room and told me to play with the kittens. 

 Ah, what I do for public service.

Look at that adorable face! They were all cuties-- except for that demon kitty that launched itself furry little body at my face. Oh well, the scratches are pretty much healed now.

Adopt a pet today!
 All the pets I've had have been from the Humane Society....or found in various locations. Foster was found as a baby under our Foster Hollies (yeah, we felt a little clever); Gracie was adopted from the Humane Society.

Last night I helped out at my church, and I spent this afternoon volunteering at my local food pantry-- it was crazyyyy busy. I felt like I was running for two hours. Except for those odd times when all the sudden no one comes in and I scour the magazine rack to see if anyone donated a bridal magazine again. One really slow week I spent like an hour reading all the bridal magazines.What, I like looking at pretty dresses....

I really watch too much of Say Yes To The Dress. I mean, first I have to get a boyfriend. Unfortunately I can't just skip to the wedding part. Though that would be sweet.

Anyway! Whenever I don't have any new photos to post, I rummage through my photos to see if there are any good photos that I just forgot about.

I took this one like a week or so ago. The blossom I had wasn't the most photogenic, but I liked the colors. 

I secretly want to be a landscape photographer. True story. However, I just can't take a landscape photo that I like. I don't know how to make them 'pop', you know? When I took this photo it had just rained (so I took this photo a lonnnnggggg time ago) and I loved how the soaked wood complimented the dark greens. It was getting close to sunset, and the warm rays broke through the clouds to skip along the scene.

This was a recent craft attempt. It involved making flowers out of paper. The results were iffy-- the ones on tutorial looked a lot better than mine did ;)

I've also been reading some Sherlock Holmes! I love the movies and the BBC tv series, so I finally got around to reading a two-book volume my friend plucked out of the free pile for me :)

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