Saturday, July 7, 2012

Road Trip

Sorry for the delay in posting! I'm writing this from a clothing store. I'm currently on vacation with my family, in Branson, MO.

Aka, old person haven. Or, retail shopping haven. Take your pick.

Regardless, shopping isn't particularly my thing, but I could stay here for hours, enjoying the air conditioning.

It's so just miserably hot. Everywhere. I mean I've lived in Arkansas my whole life, so theoretically I would be used to the heat, right?

Wrong. I don't know if one could ever be used to 100+ heat.

I snapped the picture of the barn (see it below) when we were briefly delayed by road work. My future home ;) well, more accurately it's a barn so I wouldn't live there, but in a house behind it.

It's just so beautiful, with the large fields and rolling hills.

The picture of the dragonfly (find it below!) was not planned. The cute guy, unfortunately, was dead. Which was how I was able to get this close to him, and able to position him on the background I wanted.

Fourth of July! Slightly different than I had planned. We thought my brother would fly in around seven so we arrived at the Memphis airport around then, after spending the day in Memphis. We sat in a completely dead airport. No one was working. No one else appeared to be waiting for a plane to arrive.

So we called the airline and found out that his plane didn't arrive till 11:05! To kill some time, we headed out to Beale street, the main party/bar/scene in Memphis. Being 19, I just listened to the music being played, and watched drunk people dance.

I hadn't expected to see fireworks, so it was a nice surprise when fireworks exploded over the Mississippi River.

My iPhone had died, and I didn't have my actual camera with me, so I grabbed my mother's iPhone 3 and starting snapping away.

So! Since I'm posting this from my phone on a sketchy wi-fi signal I found at the shopping center, all the pictures shall be a list after the post =| wish I could change that but I don't believe I can.

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