Monday, January 14, 2013

USS Alabama

I'm officially back at Hendrix!

Which means that I'll have considerably less time to craft, which is sad, but c'est la vie.

What I do have time for is to post some pictures from our stay in Mobile! We went down there to watch the Red Wolves bowl game (we won!:) and stayed an extra day to see the town.

Panoramas for the win!

Our first tourist stop was the USS Alabama, a decommissioned battle ship from WWII. It was huge, and really interesting. We spent a couple hours there and I felt like we could have spent a couple more. The only drawback was that there was no guided tour, leaving us to wander the giant ship armed with only a piece of paper and colored arrows that dotted the steel walls.

I tried taking some pictures of the insides, but it was dark and none of them turned out.

On deck, however, is another story. It was a beautifully almost too bright morning, and I took some pictures of the huge guns.

This is actually the view from one of those telescope things that you have to put quarters into to work. I thought it might be interesting to take a picture through one-- it's nothing special, but I wanted to see how it would turn out.

My reflection! Everything was so blue and beautiful-- from the faded blue of the ship, to the robust blue of the sky, to the blue expanse of the bay.

We spent the rest of the day shopping at an outlet mall and headed home the next day. On our way home, we pulled over to get a better look at this beautiful derelict mansion we had driven past on our way to Alabama-- the mansion I posted about in my Photoshop tutorial.

Its front lawn was dotted with gorgeous live oaks-- lending it a classical Southern bell air.

I had some issues with overblown highlights-- it was a cloudy day, and white sky was hard to expose for. Still, I liked the pictures I ended up with.

Well I should get back to organizing! We completely redid the room, moving just about every heavy piece of furniture. It was so worth it; my bed is now at a normal height, and not six feet off the ground.

I know. I'm excited.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by! :)

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