Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Title courtesy of my creative friend, as I hate coming up with titles.

Regardless! Tuesday morning I happened to glance out the window, only to spot dainty snowflakes drifting toward the ground. For the next half hour my roommate and I were glued to the window, squealing as the snow started to fall down harder.

It was a nice little surprise snowfall. Even though we got less than an inch, it was fun to watch.

We made up any excuse to just be outside, walking around in the frigid wind and swirling snow.

The snow was a beautiful surprise on the first day of classes.

Yes, that is like the fifth picture I have of Dave holding Blair. ;) I should do like a montage of those one of these days. As it is, I'm currently procrastinating from reading medieval French stories, and physics homework to write this post. Even with the homework, I'm excited about this semester. In Modern Physics we're learning about special relativity-- headache-inducing, yet terribly interesting-- Medieval Europe is a topic I've always been interested in, French Short Stories looks like it'll be challenging but really interesting, and Chem II is....well it's Chem II and a requirement for my major.

The Happy Couple

My beautifully photogenic roommate!
Anyway! I should probably get back to my homework, seeing how I am taking a break this afternoon to watch the Hobbit...for the second time. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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