Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quantum Cats

I hate coming up with titles.

It has been ridiculously long since I last posted-- an unfortunate testament to my workload. Even though I have nothing big to blog about, I wanted to post some pictures about my life.

The best way to grade Astronomy homework :) I went home for my birthday to see my family, hang out with a friend, and see my lovely cats. I feel like college could be exponentially less stressful if there were more pets around.

I broke my streak of somehow always missing the Hendrix plays to go see a musical with a ridiculously long name. Considering how small Hendrix is, and the fact that no one goes here just for musical theater, the musical was really good.

Before I went home for the weekend, my friends and I were really craving some sushi. Normally we make some on Saturday, but since I would be gone, we headed over to Kroger to buy some sushi. Now I had been told how good the sushi was at Kroger, but I was a little wary. The price, however, was reasonable, the sushi was pretty good.

Last Wednesday a guy from the group that helped find the Higgs-boson particle gave a talk in Little Rock. So my friend and I ran the second our dress rehearsal for band ended, grabbing some food, and racing towards Little Rock. We didn't get out of band till 5:30, the talk was at 6:00 and it was a 30 minute drive.

Traffic, road construction, and one missed exit later, we pulled into Little Rock. Not realizing that there was parking at the event, I found an open spot downtown and we took off running towards the Clinton Library. Suffice to say, my lack of athleticism made the 'running' turn into a couple sprints interspersed with walking quickly. We arrived ten minutes late, but everyone was really kind about it, and let us in. The talk was geared toward the general public, skipping over the more hard core scientific details, but was still really interesting.

They had a nice fancy reception afterwards. Surrounded by all these fancy, well-dressed people, I went to grab a piece of chicken, only to have it slid off my plate, hit the table and fall on the floor. I just don't belong in fancy events.

So last night some friends and I tried out a new-to-me Asian restaurant, which was delicious. I took a quick picture of the rice, being the photographer junkie that I am, and edited it on my phone-- not using Instagram this time! I just wanted to post a quick before and after.



I was able to crop, use a preset, and dodge and burn to my heart's desire. I used an app called Photogene-- it's pretty awesome and cheap.

I was searching for an open wifi network and found this ;) pretty snazzy name.

I think I've procrastinated enough. I have a 2000/3000 word paper due on Quantum Tunneling that I really should get back to. I thought about posting about the really cool parts of quantum tunneling (all of them!) but I realized I would only bore you. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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