Thursday, March 14, 2013


I can't even think of a fitting sentence to describe how long it feels since I last posted. So I won't try.

A week or so ago, some friends and I went to the Miss Hendrix drag show. Like last year we camped out for ticket. Unlike last year, we camped out inside-- yeah it was odd-- and there wasn't any drunk guys who tried to sleep with me.

 The show itself was okay but the best part was when one of the drag queens was dancing to Taylor Swift songs. Romeo and Juliet starting playing and he ran off stage, proposing to his girlfriend right in time with the lines 'knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring'. ;) So that was rather precious. And a little odd, as he still had heavy make-up on.

All the proceeds went to charity-- this was the culmination of a week long festivities. Overall we raised 50,000 which is pretty awesome.

In other news, I flew my first kite! Or at least, the first one in a veryyy long time.

This was at my second game of D&D; I mastered the art of spinning a D20-- a 20 sided dice.

Today is Pi day! In case you have somehow missed this fact. In the caf was a delicious assortment of pies. This was a peanut butter and chocolate pie, as good as it looks.

So last night a couple friends and I headed down to Little Rock for our first off-campus-actual-in-a-bar-legit concert. One of my favorite bands from YouTube, Walk Off the Earth, was playing. Despite one of the main singers being like four months pregnant, they were amazing performers, and the concert was a blast. My hands are still purple-- huge X's on both hands preventing me from using my charms to get alcohol (ha).

I didn't want to be one of those people; the obnoxious ones who have their cell phones up the entire time, blocking the view of everyone behind them so I just sneaked a quick photo, which is why some drunk girl's hand is blocking part of the band.

It was so odd to go from watching videos on YouTube to seeing the band live; but it was so much fun. Even if I did have 8 am lab the next morning.

Totally worth it.

Stay tuned for Spring Break! Only one more day and one more test to get through before I'm headed home. Only for the night, though, because Saturday morning I'm headed to New Orleans!

Now I should get back to studying for that test...

Thanks for reading!

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