Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When you give a kid a camera...

Interesting things happen.

Thanks Rachael for the pic!

Being a photographer, I loved taking pictures of the adorable kids in Honduras. After taking a picture, I would always swivel the camera around, pointing to the image. While they loved seeing themselves on my camera, they also loved taking pictures. I loved seeing the joy on their faces as they hauled my huge camera up to their face and heard the shutter snap close, their creation briefly flashing on the screen.

They loved taking pictures of me-- I swear, this might be the most pictures of me every taken at one time.

I think I'm helping a little finger find the right button among many on my camera to press. It was a little difficult with the language barrier, but they all managed to get the hang of it. A day or so after this picture was taken a little boy was trying to use my camera. His finger was over the wrong button, and he was upset that no picture was being taken. I was trying to convince him to push a different button when he friend ran up, rapidly speaking in Spanish, pushing his finger to the right button to take a picture. It was fun to watch them help each other.

Right before the attack
As I was passing my camera from child to child, saying 'careful' more times than I can remember, kids were attacking me from behind trying to tickle me.

I said 'careful' so many times that a day later a little boy started mimicking me, thinking that the word for camera was careful.

picture of an adorable girl and my lovely braids

I loved reviewing the photos later, watching life from their eyes flash by. Pictures of the ground, of their friends, of their teachers all were there.

Here I'm bending my finger, encouraging the kid to push down on the button.

One little boy took my camera, yelled 'teacher!' and then snapped this photo. 

We left the wonderful country of Honduras on Friday, saying a sad goodbye to what had been an amazing mission trip. While we were all glad to get back home, especially after like a five hour delay in Houston, we were sad to leave all the children and people we had meet at La Providencia.
We all hope to make it back there one day, the sooner the better.

Thanks for reading!

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