Tuesday, December 13, 2011

...c'est finis?

...it's over.

First semester. Over. Gone. Done with. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that finals are over. I have never been through something so stressful and difficult. I just finished my last final. And I just checked my grades-- I have that one A, calculus, required to keep my scholarship.

I guess I'm just in shock. It hasn't hit me yet that it's all over. It'll probably hit me tomorrow night, or the next day, as I drive to my grandparents house. It'll hit me that all my friends that I made this semester will be gone, and I won't see them for a month. O.O Granted, I'll get to see my friends back home, so that will be fun too.

Still...after all the stress...after all the hard work...first semester is over. It's odd-- I had just constructed a new routine that I'll now miss. I'll miss have physics three times a week with all the guys I met. I'll miss having Calculus with Lauren four times a week. I'll miss my amazing Cal teacher. I'll miss my journey's class, and all the amazing people I had it with.

Though I must say, I am really looking forward to a month full of sleep and relaxation. I feel like I need it-- finals really killed me. I've gotten so little sleep, and so much stress lately. And now all I can do is wait for the grades to be posted.

But until then! I figured that I would post a couple pictures of our decked out for Christmas dorm room. I never did post any pictures of the dorm like I said I would....;)

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