Saturday, December 24, 2011

Morning Light

Well, kind of. Even though it is noon, the sun had this soft, light glow about it, nothing harsh at all. Guess that just comes with winter. Sorry about the delay in posting-- I just haven't taken any photos, so no posts. ;) However, as I was about to sit down to watch some tv a single red leaf, stubbornly hanging onto a bush caught my eye. I had dismissed the yard as soon as I had come home. It looked dismal and dull-- what could I possibly shoot? Still, that one leaf had caught my attention so I bundled up and grabbed my camera.

The leaf that started it all ;)

And then I caught up in the wonderful light and tried to do self portraits-- which I absolutely suck at. However when you're the photographer, there are never any pictures of you-- only pictures of everyone else. So, often times the only way to get a picture of yourself is to take it yourself. Regardless, that took up most of my time-- experimenting with different settings, different angles. I learned that back light is the way to go-- it painted the scene with a soft diffused light.

Recently I dyed my hair red, and started just messing around to see if I could capture the way the light hit it.

And I rather liked the results ;)


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