Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Change of pace

Merry belated Christmas! :) I spent Christmas day at my grandparents house. It was so nice to see family, and eat far more than I really should. It's sort of like a second Thanksgiving.

Anyway, we took a walk around a nearby lake to work off all that food-- so worth it, but I'm going to have to live at the gym next semester.

It had recently rained, so there was an abundance of puddles, and thus reflections. Which are like my favorite subject to shoot. The trick to the flip the photo are you take it-- so that the trees are pointing in the 'right' direction. What I want to do is include people in my reflections. Reflections always seem like a glimpse into another world, so crisp and clear. The only problem is sometimes they are too crisp and clear, and people don't realize that they are reflections.

We came upon the cutest little duckling. It was just a ball of fluff. I slid along the mud of the shoreline, trying to get a closeup of the baby. It chirped and complained, ran to hide behind its mom, before it admonished me from this safe location. It's mother didn't share the worry, and placidly continued to clean itself. I didn't want to actually lay down in the mud to get the picture, but I did want that ground level perspective.

This Christmas was the first one that I took pictures at. All of the pictures of my cousin's two kids were taken with compacts-- nothing wrong with that-- and with heavy flash. Heavy flash just kills the shot. It gets rid of all the natural lightening, makes the background too dark, and the subject too bright. It just doesn't look natural. I was looking at those pictures and thinking 'hey, I could do better than that' so I grabbed my camera and started shooting.

The lightening was awwfuulll. It doesn't look dim when you're there, but when you try to take a photo, you have to up the ISO or your shutter speeds will be farr too long. So, most of the pictures I took while we were opening presents are grainy. And even then the shutter speeds were long enough to get some motion blur-- but I was all for it if it meant no flash.

He is a cutie! About 80% of the photos I took of him were of him with something or other in his mouth. At one point he was just gnawing on the presents themselves. ;) The light hurts his eyes-- another reason why I really want to avoid any flash.

This was outside-- it was amazing the difference it made. It was cloudy, so I didn't think it would be bright, but it was far brighter than inside, making shooting photos a lott easier.

I've never really taken photos of people; my main subject is nature. This is mostly because that's what has always been available to me-- I just have to step outside. Shooting people takes a lot more work...yeah that does sound wrong. Um, anyway, this was my first time to focus more on the people than anything else. And I have to say, I enjoyed it. I never thought that I would be into portraits, but I would really like to try my hand at it. Free portraits anyone? :P

Recently I saw someone my age who is also an amateur photographer has a photograph page on facebook. It's something that I've thought of but I also figured that was a little bit down the road, when I'm a better photographer with a better portfolio. Besides, who would like my page now? While I've taken a lot of photos, and improved a lot, I still have a loonnnnggggg way to go.

But that's what makes it fun ;)

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