Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fun with Lights

Christmas lights that is ;) We set up our Christmas tree yesterday. The only trees left to buy were skimpy, sad looking ones, but hey, it's still a Christmas tree.

Recently, I wondered if it was possible to take a double exposure with a SLR camera. When I looked online, everyone was just like 'oh, do it in photoshop'. However, I believe there is merit to unedited photos. I love photos that are magical straight from the camera, the ones that don't need hours of photoshop work. So, I was playing around with my camera last night around the christmas tree. It was rather dark in the room, so I had a long shutter speed.

So, I started to just mess around with the camera, seeing what would happen. I found that I could make the lights turn into whimsical streaks of light that I could command.

Then, I lowered the ISO to a crazy low number-- like 100-- just to give me more time to play around. I ended up with a shutter speed around three seconds. On the mantle of the stone fireplace sat a key. I have no idea where this key came from, or if it opens anything, it was just lying there. Probably a souvenir from France, bought at a Sunday market. Anyway, I had already been experimenting with what I called 'manual double exposures'. I had three seconds to shoot, so for half the time I would point the camera at one spot then spin around and point it at another spot for the rest of the exposure.

I loved the results-- almost like a double exposure, except there were no clean lines, as the shutter speed was so long everything was blurry. I might check to see if I can remotely set off the flash, and possible freeze an image before moving....create some clean lines...hm. Ah, my winter break will be busy ;) Anyway, back to the magical key. It was lying there so I picked it up and balanced it against a picture frame. Then, I took a picture, with around 1.5 seconds of the key and around 1.5 seconds of the Christmas tree-- way out of focus, since the focus had been on the close tree. The resulting picture was my favorite of the bunch. :)

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