Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Break

...has officially begun :D I'm finally back home with my family, ready for a month of relaxation. My body waited until the moment finals were done before deciding it wanted to make my life suck. Fever/sore throat/the works. Anyway, I'm just glad I didn't have to go through this during finals.

Now I don't want to just do before/afters buuuttttt there was this dramatic one that I just had to show you. My friends and I were walking through this meadow, it was overcast, and getting dark. None of the pictures turned out as I wanted them to; I just wrote all of them off as hopeless. Then, I just started to play around with one of the pictures, just seeing what I could create. I came up with this beauty ;)



This was taken when I first got my SLR-- I wasn't used to all the settings and such; I think my white balance is off. Anyway, I thought it was just hopeless until I opened in photoshop and started working on it. I tried to recreate what the scene looked like to my eye. I don't know if I prefer the after-- I don't know how true to reality the image ended up being. I just kept editing and editing :P

Still, I like how drastic the change is ;)

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