Friday, June 3, 2011

Back from the 'happiest place on Earth'!

I just got back from my Disney world trip! Totally exhausting, yet loads of fun. It was nonstop roller coaster of a ride through all the parks, including the Universal one. Side note, highlight of the universal theme park? I got paid to watch a tv show.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Oh wait, it did. We then went to the Islands of Adventure. Guess where I spent most of my time?

The wonderful wizardly world of Harry Potter. So amazing. Just, amazing. :D I didn't buy a wand or anything, but I did get an awesome messenger bag with a Gryffindor design. The ride through the castle (while nauseating) was thoroughly amazing. Down to the very last detail. I was unable to take pictures because I had to secure all my belongs in a locker before getting in line. The line wound its way through the castle, going through classrooms and other parts of the castle.

Anyway, the ride itself was surprising both realistic and involved? Not jerky but I didn't realize it would be that crazy. I have to admit, I closed my eyes during most of the dementor stuff ;) Better than my friend who held her breath so they couldn't take her soul.

That's my roommate!

;) So besides the castle ride, the rest of the Harry Potter world was crowded, but still cool. The only downside to the entire thing was the pounding rain which waited forever to abate. But still, so worth it. :)

I have over a thousand photos to shift through, from both my phone and my actual camera so I'll be posting a lot more snapshots from my amazing trip. I just wanted to give you (haha that one reader who I just know is out there) a little update and some cool features.

((I'm sure that I have mentioned this before but the main audience that I'm appealing to is myself. I don't entertain ideas of attracting hundreds of followers. Rather, my highest hope for this is that it is like a photo diary for me to look back on as I grow older.))

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