Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Lesson Learned

Remember, not too long ago, I talked about light? How it was nice and important but for the most part I didn't pay much attention to it?

Boy have I missed out.

Yesterday I was in my front yard taking pictures. Normally I only take pictures of the back yard but I decided to venture out front for a bit. There aren't as many photo opportunities but I figured that there would be a couple. Our miniature rose bush still had a few blooms holding out. I just finished reading a photography book and one of the things that he did was arranged certain flowers, introducing new backgrounds just for the sake of a good picture. So, I decided rather than simply taking pictures of the roses, I would pick one and arrange somewhere to showcase it's beauty.

I liked the contrast from the color of the rose, to the lack of color of the stone. There was also a contrast from the smoothness of the rose to the roughness of the stone.

Then, I noticed some clover or something green thing that was bravely poking up through the stone on the ground. I bent down and snapped some photos. On a whim, I put the camera so that the lens was almost level with the ground and shot the picture.

The result took my breath away. I did not realize what a unique perspective one was granted at this level. I loved how the little plant dominated the picture, how the small strand appeared almost like a tree. My eyes now glued to the ground, I spotted some more green plants poking up through the stone, surrounded by green moss. I sat down and started to click away. A little moth had caught my attention--

Suddenly, the clouds shifted, and the warm late evening sun shone through onto the stone where I was at. The atmosphere was radically changed from cool to warm. The sunlight painted everything with this amazing golden hue. I realized just what I had been missing out on.

Then my camera died. I sat there for a min, lamenting my fate before hurrying inside to grab some new batteries. Then, I went back outside to the same spot and continued to snap pictures.


Light is important. No, really it is. Of course I would have been happy without the amazing setting sun, but it really added that extra sparkle to my pictures.

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