Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early Morning

Early = 8:30

You have to admit, that's pretty early.

Anyway, I found myself awake at 8:30 this morning (I'm a horrible teenager). I figured if I was up, I might as well take advantage of the beautiful morning light. Granted, this wasn't right after sunrise, but the sun was still amazing and fresh, as morning light always is.

The way my house is situated the beautiful morning light floods my backyard. The more temperate evening light falls onto my front yard. So, I grabbed my camera and headed outside. The sprinklers were running so it took ten minutes to plan and successfully evade those shots of water ;)

In short, it was so worth it.

The light was just so fresh and bright.

Funny wasn't like I thought 'hey, I should photograph the back of the flower-- that'll totally be a new perspective!' Haha, no. You see, the front of the sunflower was facing the top of the storm cellar. In order to get to there, I would have to brave this wall of buzzing bees which had chosen to congregate around the cone flowers that surrounded the storm cellar.

I've done it once, but wasn't brave enough to risk it this morning. ;) Besides, I like how the light is bursting over the flower, something I would have missed if I shot the front of the flower.

Morale of this story? Sometimes, being a wimp actually turns out to be beneficial.

...I like the texture, and the way it was illuminated by the sun. :)


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