Wednesday, June 22, 2011


An oft repeated rule of photography is that the best time to take photos is half hour before sunrise (and maybe after sunrise) and half hour before sunset. Normally, I ignore this rule. Especially during the school year-- I would just take photos when I could. However, as it is summer, I have a bit more leeway as to when to take photos. And, as much as I don't like to admit it, photos right after sunrise have a beautiful quality to them.

The sun has this fresh, illuminating quality that really highlights my backyard. Granted, these photos were taken slightly more than just a half hour after sunrise, but still, the idea holds.

Also, I wanted to post a small before/after Photoshop picture. A lot of people think that when you 'Photoshop' a photo it becomes more 'fake' as though you are taking away some inherent quality of the photo. I mostly use photoshop as a way to enhance what's there naturally. Sometimes when I take a photo, the picture on the computer screen doesn't match up with what my eyes see. So, I edit it slightly in Photoshop to bring out its beauty.



...granted this was slightly more than a little editing ;) still, I wished to bring the color out.

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