Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photo Frame

So recently I've been filling this photo frame for college. I tried to pick my favorite pictures.

Surprising, what looks great on the computer screen doesn't necessarily look great in real life. Pictures turn out a lot darker than they appear on a computer screen. It's really odd to see my stuff turned from abstract to reality. It was even weider the first time I printed out a poster for EAST, at school. I had been designing stuff for a while now, but it was always confined to a computer screen, nothing more than a conglomeration of pixels. When I printed out my first poster, it was just an odd and cool feeling. The poster was huge (and took up more ink than was probably good;) and suddenly /real/.

Photos are slightly different as they are already half-way 'real' even when they are on a computer screen. Still, it's so much fun to hold them in my hands. This was my second batch of photos to print for the frame. When I printed my first batch they were almost all iPhone photos. You see, the majority of my iPhone photos are in portrait orientation because that is just how you naturally hold the phone. So I had to really look for some landscape ones and the ones I found were just 'okay'. Now that I have started to use my camera as my primary well camera most of my photos are in landscape orientation because that is just how one holds the camera naturally. However, I have the best of both worlds because as I'm taking landscape pictures my mind is also thinking 'how would this look as a portrait?' That way I'm not stuck just thinking and taking pictures in one way.

I can't wait for college. To get there, move in, and decorate my room. I'm lucky as I am going to college with one of my best friends and we are rooming together. That way I don't have the anxiety of not knowing who my roommate is going to be. Also, that means that I already have a friend there even before we step foot on campus.

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