Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm lucky, as a photographer, to have such an amazing backyard. It's larger than most, considering it is smack dab in the middle of the city. My parents love maintaining it so it is constantly flourishing. My mother is a master gardener, so there are tons of flowers blooming everywhere.

So, whenever I want to go take pictures I simply walk into our back-- or front yard. I prefer the back not only because it is larger with more photographic opportunities but also because there are no cars passing by giving their judgmental looks as I crouch on the muddy ground trying to get the best angle of the flower. Their assumed judgmental looks I should say. ;)

Either way! While I did recently have the opportunity to take pictures of a local lake at sunset for the most part I don't travel far for photography. Generally it's just a convenience thing. If we are going to a botanical garden I'll grab my camera and get some good shots. ((Or I am crazy enough to pull an all-nighter with my friend and decide that the best thing to do at sunrise is to go to a local park where my friend ran around the entire lake, well then I grab my camera and get some good shots))

There's this one blog that I follow, and she recently was back home and she mentioned how nice it was to take pictures of her own flowers, rather than her neighbors.

It's gonna be odd when I go off to college. The college I'm going to will be picturesque. There will be photo opportunities, it's just not home.

Though I suppose a lot of things would fit that. 'It's just not home.' Including, but not limited to,:

--Community Showers
--No family around
--Proximity to youth consuming mass amounts of alcohol
--Sharing a room with someone ((even if it is my best friend))
--Not having the ability to just call ((aka text)) a random friend up to go to the movies/go somewhere and eat.

But! There are good lists to be made! College is where I will:

--Study physics for the first time
--Take Cal I, II, and some weird Cal class after that
--Take photography
--Learn more French
--Mission Trips
--Hopefully study/travel abroad
--Hopefully undergrad research
--Make a lot of new friends
--Meet new boys
--Have fun. :)

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