Monday, June 25, 2012

Berry Good

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

It has been a while since I last posted so I thought I would share just about the only pictures on my camera, which are of a dessert.

Hey, it's like 100 degrees outside, don't judge. It's so much more enjoyable inside, with air conditioning, there just aren't as many photo opportunities. 

I made some pudding from scratch yesterday. It's a really easy recipe. You just mix some ingredients together, like an egg, flour, sugar, milk, and a dash of vanilla. Then you just stuck all that in a pot, put it over heat, and stir it till it boils.


I then threw on some fresh berries. The blackberries are from a huge bush in our backyard.

This is a photo I found hiding in one of my numerous folders on my computer. Light trails are not only for night!  It was a cloudy day, so there wasn't much natural light to be had. I turned my aperture to some ridiculously large number, say f/15 to allow my shutter speed to almost a second. Then, I quickly hit the shutter and waved my phone in front of the lens, creating this photo. ;)

My pirate kitty! Adorable as always. I love the shallow depth, and the way it allows her face to really pop.

Anyway! Thanks for reading, and have a berry good week.

Sorry, last one.


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