Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Should've been a cowboy, should've learned to rope and ride. Wearing my six-shooter, riding my pony on a cattle drive. 


It's the last week for my horse class. :( We have all finally reached that point of familiarity not only with the horses, but with each other, easily chatting before and after class. Then, on Friday it'll all be over. It's odd that I'm this sad that a class is ending, but I really enjoyed the class. It was the first time in a long time that I've had the chance to be around horses for more than an hour or so.

There was a second summer term class planned but with that cancelled, my July is looking bleak. Despite my best efforts to find a job, I am still jobless. Which leaves a lot of time for crafting and baking. Too much time, I've found out. During the semester, up to my ears in homework and stress, I dreamed of all the free time that I would have in the summer.

Dreams, I've found out, sometimes live best in your head. I'm going to look around for some more volunteer opportunities to fill up my time.

It's been such an odd transition, from college to summer. I didn't realize how accustomed I had become to the busy social life of college. Summer has a slower pace, with all my friends busy at their jobs. I have to admit, I miss the party/IHOP filled Friday nights, and the weekly rock climbing. I miss hanging out with my friends almost 24/7.

Summer definitely has a slower pace, but hey, after that hellish week of finals, I'm glad for it. :) Even if it means that my friends are spread out across the country.

Anyway! Enough of my complaining. I'm in the very lucky position where I do not have a dire need for a job-- almost every expense for college is covered in my scholarship.

Besides, all this free time should be put to good use. I have piano pieces I want to learn, an entire instrument-- violin-- I want to become better at, and my photography to be improved.

The setting sun does give off the most beautiful light. It's so warm, it paints the scene like a dream. I always cringe whenever I see portraits done in the harsh afternoon sun. If I ever did any portraits for like, clients, I would take them out to a field, and wait till the sun was near the horizon. The warm hues of the sun would blend well with the natural environment.

But until then my subjects shall be plants. ;) 

 Did I ever tell you how much I love reflections? Some days, staring down into their misty imitations of the world, they appear to be a world all of their own. I fell like I could just take a deep breath, and jump in. After plunging through the water I would find myself in a parallel world, and who knows what I would find there. Perhaps Schrodinger's cat would be alive. ;)

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