Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crafting Craziness

Since I am still without a job, and the prospects don't look good, one might wonder, what then, am I doing with my time?

Besides eating yogurt out of the container and reading 'The Art of Intelligence'? Oh what a glamorous life I lead.

Crafting! I rediscovered my love of anything DIY.

Even if I'm not particularly good at it. Don't get me wrong, I've sewed myself a skirt before, and a couple of purses.

This was something I found online. I tried using acrylic paint to transfer the ink. Yeah. It wasn't even close to working. Oh well! I moved on to cooking. As though I would have better luck there.

You know you spend too much time online find this cool trick. The curved bowl amplifies the sound of your iPhone. ;) Rocking to Mumford and Sons!!

I started off with a normal chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.

The uniqueness came into play when I went to bake them.

I turned a mini-muffin tin upside down, and put the cookie down on top of them. The intention was to make cute little 'cups' of cookies. Of course, mine did not turn out like the picture, but I liked them nonetheless.

As far as tastes go I would not use the same recipe again-- the cookies were not very sweet. I made a quick chocolate frosting and used the plastic bag piping technique-- aka, cheap and messy-- to pipe some of the frosting on the cookies. The frosting was not very sweet either. The cookies ended up being sweet enough, but not cloyingly so.


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