Monday, June 4, 2012

On Frogs and Cows

Even with the copious amount of free time summer affords me, I haven't been taking many pictures. Still, I wanted to post something.

I'm taking summer classes at my local college. Just one-- Equitation. It's been so much fun! Today, I dewormed two horses. Which, while it may sound absolutely miserable to most people, was really interesting. For those curious, it's an oral medicine we squeeze into their mouths. Let me tell you, trying to manhandle medicine into an animal that weighs more than eight times myself is not easy. Of course, there are the horses that just sit there and lick their lips afterwards.

The ones I did were not like that. Still, it was interesting to learn how to do. For the majority of my life I wanted to be a large animal vet-- a farm vet. In many ways I would be happy with that life. I love farm animals, especially horses. And cows. I swear, I'm gonna have a cow when I grow up. I'm not sure how logistically this is gonna work, but it's gonna happen. Because cows are just cow. And cute.

This is a picture from Hendrix, but I don't believe I've posted it. The baby frogs had just started to grow legs. This one was perched on a lily pad. I bent down, coxing him with little difficultly onto my finger. He just sat there, posing as I snapped his picture.

Hendrix again; this was the little fountain where the baby frogs were at. ;) It's almost sad how much I love Instagram. It's an addiction. I haven't even gotten tired of the square formatting yet.

So yesterday some friends and I went to the movie theater and saw Snow White and the Huntsman, a movie I was really excited about. I loved it; but surprisingly not as much as I had anticipated. I'm not even sure why I wasn't as enthralled with it as I had imagined I would be. Kristin Stewart, while I hate Twilight with an unparalleled distaste, wasn't bad at her role. Thor was as hot as could be imagined. There wasn't a whole lot of character development on Kristin's character, so perhaps that was what I didn't like. Regardless, it's definitely worth the watch.

Wow, after a semester of film class ((which I, beyond all odds, somehow managed to get an A in)) my analysis should be far more in depth.

Just don't get me started on the role of music in the opera scene of Avengers. I swear I could write a paper on that one scene! The way that the music shifts from diegetic to non-diegetic, and the role that's very intriguing to say the least.

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