Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fields of Gold

Last night, some friends and I headed out to a meadow on the outskirts of town.

The land out there is a beautiful-- gently rolling fields, covered in long grass. In this meadow, grain waved over the majority of it, broken up here and there by grass, and trees.

My lovely friends are very willing models-- Alyssa here is always willing to pose for the camera. The setting made for beautiful portraits.

My friend brought his mandolin out to the meadow; he quietly strummed as I snapped photos.

Now I've seen these photos before. Most of the time, glitter is used. They have always intrigued me-- the picture captured the feeling of movement and freedom, freezing the glitter in mid-air. Now, as we were in a field of wheat, there wasn't any glitter to be had. But, there was wheat. :) The following shot was the only one out of like thirty that actually turned out. The meadow was beginning to get dark; my shutter speed was too slow to capture the grain easily. Still, I was able to capture this. As soon as I looked at the photo I jumped up and down, squealing. It could definitely be improved upon, but I love this photo :)

While the lighting wasn't as beautiful as it could have been (think, golden rays of light settling out on the wheat, alighting the beige grain with royal hues of gold), I was still reminded of the song 'Fields of Gold', the version I know is by Eva Cassidy. I have always wanted to wander through fields of grain as the light dies off, it's final offering the most beautiful warm rays.

When the light was finally gone, I pulled out the flashlight I had brought, and we took some light trail photos.

The mandolin was an interesting prop to use. It was difficult to properly illuminate it-- it's body was black. I could picture in my head how I wanted it to look, but I couldn't get any of the pictures to turn out.

Still, I like the pictures that I did get ;) doesn't feel like it at all. Perhaps because I've never had a summer like this. I'm taking a class out at the local college-- Equitation. Which, for those not versed in little known large words, means the act of sitting on a horse.

Which means it's a riding class. :D I've always loved horses, but never had the opportunity to be around them. Now, I finally have the chance. :)

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