Monday, June 18, 2012

Homemade Pizza

I miss Hendrix.

It's the first summer I've ever spent, wanting school to start back up. Of course, the second school starts I'll be wishing for a break from the stress and work.

Still. I miss lots of things about Hendrix. The amazing friends I made. The fact that they all lived within a five minute walk from my dorm. Eating delicious deserts at every single meal.

Also, I miss the pizza. You see, Hendrix has the most amazing cafeteria I have ever eaten from. Something they started toward the end of the school year was late dinner. At this late dinner, they had salads and personal pizzas made to order.

This plate of heaven was devoured during a late night dinner. In a cafeteria. This amazing was found in a cafeteria.

It still blows my mind.

Anyway! While I'm waiting for August to arrive, I decided to recreate a little bit of Hendrix in my kitchen.

I decided to make pizza. From scratch. By hand.

The only hitch was that I decided this about half an hour before I wanted to eat. Since traditional dough takes houuurrss to make, I quickly looked up pizza dough recipes that did not involve yest.

Alas, I fell prey to the all the common allure of get-it-now fever that racks our society. There is a reason dough has yest in it. My recipe was nothing special, some flour, oil, backing soda, and water.

It looks innocent enough, right?? What you don't see is me pounding the iron-like dough, forcing it to conform to a vaguely pizza like shape. It was tough as a rock. And then some. I figured that it would taste something awful but I had gotten this far so I figured I would keep going.

There was enough dough to make two little pizzas. They sure looked like the pizza from Hendrix.

I was worried that they would taste anything but.

The topping was the easy part. I hate anything that resembles tomato, so I coated the dough with an herb/olive oil mixture. I then quickly cooked some chicken in a skillet, loading them with spices. I layered on three different types of cheese, chicken, and bacon onto the personal pizzas.

....and forgot to take pictures of me doing all that. ;) So! I snapped a photo of them cooking. It didn't take long for these puppies to cook. 

And here they are! They don't look bad, though I was worried about how the crust would taste.

The result? Ehhh. I ended up making a little herb/olive oil dipping sauce for the dough. It didn't taste bad-- and the topping tasted amazinggggg! The dough just tasted...dough-y. And it was dense as a rock. Next time I'm going to definitely take the time to make actual pizza dough with yest. :)

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