Friday, June 8, 2012

Dreams of Film

I found a new use for leg warmers! Arm warmers! I was reading my '101 Quantum Questions' outside and was little chilly.

I'm telling ya, comfort at its finest! ((and yes, my parents are not so secretly trying to nominate me for What Not to Wear))

So I took this picture on our way back from the mission trip in Colorado and just had to post it. Because, ya know, see-saws are quite dangerous for drivers. ;)

We have a local farmer's market, and get fresh, local grown produce once a week. The thing is, you get whatever happens to be in season-- whatever they just harvested. This week it was collard greens. It was my mother's first time ever cooking with collard greens, so she was quite happy when they turned out well and had me take photos. ;)

After waking up at 6:30 every morning, it felt wonderful to sleep in this morning. Of course, 'sleeping in' means waking up at 8:30. 'Cause that's just how I roll apparently. Anyway, getting up early meant that I got to capture the beautiful morning light.

And now for the actual title of the post! At Christmas I got my first film camera! It's an old Brownie Flash, and I've been waiting till summer to actual buy film and experiment with it. It's going to take some getting used to. Not only is the camera fully automatic, it also takes film. Film. I'm too young to know the first thing about a film camera but I'm excited to learn.

The camera is as basic as you can get-- and that makes it really interesting. There is a lens and then just a box, where the film wraps around it. You hit the shutter, the lens opens, the light hits the film-- and that's it. Nothing fancy about it; it's the bare bones of photography and I find that really interesting.

I'm also excited to try authentic double exposures. With digital photography you have to simulate double exposures with Photoshop but with a film camera I just don't advance the film ;) I'm a little curious how the photos will turn out. I'll have a set ISO, a set shutter speed, and a set aperture. This means that I can only take correctly exposed photos of certain things in certain light.

The camera takes 620 film; a reallyyyyy old type of film that I have to buy online. So it'll take a while to get here but I can't wait to use it when it does finally arrive. :)

As I write this post I'm nervously waiting by my cell phone. I had my first interview on Tuesday and I'll know whether or not I'm hired today. Wish me luck!

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